We allow alcohol with restrictions. For a non-alcoholic wedding we allow a champagne toast. For weddings with alcohol - you must use a licensed, insured vendor who brings and dispenses the alcohol. You are not allowed to bring your own. Vendors must provide proof of licensing and insurance to Fourth Street Gardens three (3) weeks before wedding is to take place.

DJs are required to turn the music off at 10:00pm due to Gem County ordinance. Bars are asked to stop serving then and we will ask that you be done with your clean up by 11:30pm.

Use of our facility is from 10:00am-11:30pm. Exceptions to this are for early weddings. If your wedding is a morning or 12:00pm wedding, you may arrive at 9:00am to decorate.

Two "ash cans" will be provided for your guests to use. If you anticipate a large smoking crowd, please provide more so that cigarette butts are not discarded all over the gardens. SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE RECEPTION HALL OR HOUSE

Trash cans will be provided for your use. It is your responsibility to see that the property is left in the same condition as when you found it -trash free. Please make sure you have someone pick up any trash left on the grounds. Someone may come back before 9:00am the day after your event to make sure everything is picked up outside.

Absolutely no one except the bridal party and the parents of the bridal party are allowed into the rooms provided for your use in the house. The house is not to be freely roamed by your guests or bridal party. No food or beverages, other than bottled water, are to be in the dressing rooms. No nail polish is to be used other than in the bathroom. The photographer is allowed.

No rice, glitter, confetti or birdseed of any kind may be used to decorate. Bubbles or fresh flower petals may be used to send the bride and groom on their way.

No fireworks, guns or loud noisemakers may be used with one exception: sparklers may be used at your own risk. Please consider that the sparks may damage wedding attire and hair spray is flammable. Spent sparklers must be picked up and disposed of.

The swimming pool is off limits and will be locked during your event.

A rehearsal may be scheduled for the night before. It will be limited to 1 hour and may only be scheduled around other bookings.

You may use any caterer you wish or have your family bring your food. We have an area in our reception hall with a refrigerator for your use. There is no running water in our reception hall. We have a white water hose behind the house for water. If you bring your own food it must be ready to serve. For hot food, you may plug in crock-pots in our reception hall.